The Penny Antics – “I Don’t Care”

We put the plea out for videos and badass two-piece Grunge/Punk band ‘The Penny Antics‘ answered in style. Take a look at their kick ass music video to their track ‘I Don’t Care’. Click HERE for the bands official website.

Hell Yeah!!!

The Penny Antics are a two-piece Grunge/Punk band from Essex. The band was founded in 2015 and has been going strong for over four years now. They’re known for their unpredictable and energetic live performances and play each set as though it were their last.

The Penny Antics Bio

Want some more amazing music & info from the band? The here’s their official social media links for their Instagram & Facebook annnnnddd if you click on the photo below (by Freya Eirys Photography) you will be transported to The Penny Antics official Spotify Page – do it, do it now!

Spotify Fun? – click the image above.

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