Wanting More by Asking For A Friend

Our friend ‘ Asking for a Friend’ has released this stunning track. Do yourself a favour and check it out now!

Chelmsford, UK, April 2020: Remixed for radio, Wanting More is the first single from Asking For A Friend’s debut EP Heart in my Mouth. A vengeful song of regret, applauded by UK Independent Radio’s Kevin Mann as “wonderfully dark,” Wanting More angrily laments the unfulfilling nature of past relationships, with the artist wailing: “You made me think that I should hide my light,” over distorted guitars and bass-heavy midi instrumentation.

Biography: Awakened from a psychotropic daze in 2018, introspective and over-emotional songs began gushing out of Essex mum-of-one, Kat Torrie. With idols and influences ranging from REM and Nirvana to Jamie T and Florence and the Machine, Asking For A Friend’s purpose is to reach out to others struggling with depressive lows and anxious terrors: to destigmatise and stand in solidarity. With this guiding precept, the artist found the courage to share stripped-back originals on acoustic guitar at a handful of intimate live venues. Local festival debuts ensued in Summer 2019. Debut EP, Heart in my Mouth (November 2019) was praised by Facebook blogger Fierce & Fabulous Revolution as “striking…passionate…inventive.”

For more information, or to arrange an interview, please contact: Kat Torrie via social media messaging, or email: askingfriend@outlook.com

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