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Hello, Ello, Hi there……. Welcome to the new Essex Rocks (Beta) website…… it’s the beta version as we’ll be changing some of the design (namely the background, the design of the posts and adding a sexy new logo). As you’ll see it’s all a bit basic at the moment but we’ll be working hard over the coming weeks to ‘Jazz’ it up! Meanwhile, take a read below…….. P.s – If there’s little sections that look a bit strange then you’ve got adblocker on, unblock us – we don’t use pop ups!

What we’re about: As well as our own events, we’ll be writing features, sharing videos and tracks from your favourite bands and generally reporting on the Essex (and beyond) music scene……..

What you can do: If you’re an eccentric millionaire you can give a shed load of money and we’ll run the website from the Bahamas – if not then maybe you can help us by:-

  • Sharing our posts – simple, easy, costs you nothing and we’ll love you forever.
  • Get Social with us…. follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc (we follow back)
  • Come to our gigs! Come say hi, we’ll buy you a beer (maybe).
  • Give us some feedback…… use the contact form or pop us an email.
  • Become a freelance reviewer – if you go to gigs and like to write then why not let us show off your skills

In a band? Run an event? Run a venue?: In the words of Brian Molko of Placebo – ‘Without you, i’m nothing’. Get involved by………

  • Sending us things to promote…… new music? new video? on tour? putting on an event? tell us all and we’ll pimp you for free.
  • Sending us a track for our Soundcloud page – we’re always looking for new music to play – plus it’s free promotion for you.
  • Send us your new music videos for our affiliated YouTube channel.
  • In a band? – gig for us. We always want new talent at our shows – give us a shout.
  • Run a venue/pub? – hire us? Want to put on an Essex Rocks show or just need some bands or event management for your own event? Hit us up. We can help with anything from acoustic ‘front room’ gigs to full on music festivals.

Run a business? Let’s get working together by………..

  • Advertise with us! We’re non-profit but we still have hosting fees and Jack Daniels to pay for so give us a shout.
  • Sponsor us! We have loads of ways to get your name out there – just drop us a message.
  • Hire us! Need some great marketing at a reasonable price? Want to put on an event? Need a photographer? We’re ready to rock.

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